ホテル stolen from dimden :)

welcome to my secret page

i absolutely DESTROYED my old fucking website. actually its the same website but i had to remake it so HIIIIIII NERDS

alot of hsit happened uhhh i switched to windows and then becmae a redpilled sigma:tm: (im not serious plase dont fucking kill me or something) and switched back to linux

⚠ warning: i say naughty words ⚠

um but yeah welcome to my page i guess. is it cool?

does anyone even read these? idk but im trying to type random stuff so that it isnt lame LOL

if you're interested, read about me here. no feelings hurt if you dont. or maybe feelings are hurt. if i make you feel bad will you read it? go read it.

go do something else theres like 2 pages left for you to read. then check out my blog pls ^_^

the "listening to" and statuscafe stuff simply arent working right now bc neocities doens't let you make outside requests until ur account is old so sorry

miau ^_^

iit might be far too late to mention this but the website is broken on windows bc microsoft has weird fonts however it is mostly cross-browser on linux!!

its not on purpose but my blog posts give off angsty-12-year-old-who-just-got-their-xbox-taken-away vibes so i dont recommend reading those tbh

PLEASE give me feedback by joining the discord, leaving a message on my guestbook, or by emailing me. PLEASE it means alot.